Purchasing Consultancy:

Entourage Innovation Ltd will assist clients in identifying their purchase need and finding reliablepurchasing suppliers Etc.Entourage Innovation Ltd is providing the following services under the guidence of Mr. Riaz  Ullah.
* Assist clients in identifying their purchase needs.
* Developing an appropriate time line for procurement purchasing
* Evaluating client’s budgetary limitation and requirement to determine the type, quantity, range and quality of good to be sourced using the cost effective approach to purchasing.
* Choosing right products and services for the benefit of our clients
* Find reliable suppliers
* Obtaining competitive bids and quotation from suppliers.
* Analysing the quality of goods and services procured in conformity with prices, quantity, quality, and in line with terms and condition stipulated in the purchase order and contracts.
* Facilitating purchase returns on behalf of our clients in case of faulty, defective and wrong product specification and ensuring replacement and credits for good return.
* Assisting clients meet timeliness in their procurement processes to meet sales targets and avoid costly delays.
* Maintaining records of procurement on behalf of our clients.
* Contract and price negotiation on behalf of our clients
* Working for clients from the start of their orders until orders are satisfactorily delivered meeting up to all specifications and standards.