Management Consultancy Service:
Entourage Innovation Business Consultancy Service is offering a wide portfolio of BusinessMangement management Consultancy to new and existing businesses under the guidance of Mr Farhad Ali.
Entourage Innovation under full guidance of Mr. Farhad Ali in charge of Management Consultancy portfolio are conducting surveys and doing analysis to produce updated management reports regarding their past, current and future management performance and their impact on businesses. This will provide information to clients to enable them make informed decision and to promote communication between management layers to reduce gaps. Produce detailed weekly, monthly and quarterly management status reports to improve business performance and develop planning for future. We are assisting our client’s management to identify and affirm their identity of strong management to concentrate on business core activities such as planning and developing of business strategies.Managing clients business relationships with their key creditors and debtors by establishing and maintaining strong client relationships programmes through regular close contact on account management techniques.
We are generating and implementing ideas for management improvements. This is possible because we are diligently undertake to research and understand the industry within which our clients operate, their business operations, their product/service offering as well as the needs of their key customers.